Community Defense in Stone Mountain, GA

February 2, 2019 there was a proposed neo-confederate rally at the town of Stone Mountain, Georgia and the confederate memorial there. A joint task force of People’s Defense League (then New Orleans John Brown Gun Club) Tampa and Orlando John Brown Gun Club (now Sawgrass Community Defense group – Tampa Bay and Sawgrass Community Defense Group – Orlando), Phelps County John Brown Gun Club (now Phelps Co Community Defense Gun Club), Springfield John Brown Gun Club (now Greater Ozarks Mutual Aid Collective) Savannah General Defense Committee and members from North Georgia Socialist Rifle Association provided armed protection for a coalition of leftist and progressive protest groups called the FLOWER Coalition who mobilized to oppose the racist neo-confederate rally.

The action was largely uneventful because the racist neo-confederates did not show up to their own rally that day, so with no one to counter-protest against the FLOWER Coalition decided to do a peaceful victory march through out the town of Stone Mountain and our security teams provided armed escort looking out for any would be “mass shooters” or vehicle attackers.

The police presence had a largely hands-off approach, only intervening to extinguish an effigy of a Ku Klux Klan member one of the protesters set on fire.

After the action our teams went our separate ways and had a safe trip back home.

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