How to Support

Become a Member

We are always looking for dedicated and brave people who want to do the work we do and resist the emergence of fascism in the United States while working to build a new and better world for all working people.

Any working person who is not bigoted and agrees with our principles are eligible to join. You do not need to have read all the leftist political theory books in existence or be a certified tactical badass to join the organization, we only ask for committed people with an open mind and desire to help and protect their fellow workers.

Whether you are a barista with no experience with firearms or medical care or a special forces veteran there is a place for you in the organization. If you do not have any special skills or knowledge do not worry, we have a great team of people from all walks of life willing to teach what they know.

Requirements for membership

  • be 18+ years of age
  • committed and punctual to group functions on a monthly basis
  • have reliable transportation to group functions
  • willingness to learn how to use firearms and legally carry firearms in public when needed
  • willingness to learn and train on a regular basis
  • willingness to pay monthly membership dues
  • be a person of sound judgement and character
  • able to work in groups and receive criticism
  • NOT be an active member of a Law Enforcement or Private Security Agency or a Landlord, Capitalist or any other parasitic and oppressive role in society
  • NOT someone with a known history of abuse toward partners/other people

Skillsets in high demand

  • Former Military Personnel
  • Medical Professionals (Nurses, Techs, Doctors)
  • First Responders (Paramedics, EMT, Firefighters, Disaster Management)
  • Skilled Trades (auto mechanics, plumbers, machinists, HVAC)
  • Legal Professionals
  • Radio Operators
  • Large Scale Cooks/Bakers
  • Gardeners/Farmers
  • Artists (Graphic Design, Web Design, Painters, Drawers)
  • Screen Printers/Embroiderers/Sticker Makers

If you are interested in becoming a member contact us via Facebook or email to begin your vetting process. Vetting interviews are held the first weekend (friday thru sunday) of every month.

Auxiliary Membership

If you are unable to meet the commitments of being a full member of People’s Defense League but still want to help out you can opt to apply to be a member of our Auxiliary group.

The Auxiliary group serves as a wider support team for PDL and its members help by lending a hand during our Serve the People programs, help cook for a community cookout or may help a PDL member distribute flyers when they are able.

Auxiliary members will be offered opportunities to learn new skills from time to time and since Auxiliary members go through similar vetting as regular members if they decide to apply for full membership their vetting process may be expedited.

The Auxiliary can be a good role for busy students or busy parents who may not be able to commit to many group functions or people who check out some of our work before applying for full membership.

Requirements for Auxiliary Membership

  • be 18+ years of age
  • able to work with groups/follow instructions
  • willing to help with a variety of tasks
  • be a reliable person
  • be punctual

If you are interested in applying for membership in the Auxiliary reach out to us via Facebook or email us at vetting interviews are held the first weekend (friday thru sunday) of every month.

Become a Donor

People’s Defense League accepts donations in various forms. All donations are appreciated and crucial to keeping our programs up and running. The members of People’s Defense League are average working class people like everyone else just trying to get by while helping empower our community, we rely on the community to keep our projects alive.

Ways to Donate

All donations go toward alleviating issues in our community, protecting our communities, helping our local homeless population, or to render aid to natural disaster areas and better equip our teams to accomplish these tasks

Love and Solidarity!